Bonjour, mDNS Responder!

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I’m tired of iTunes.  Listening to streaming radio is frustrating, as it stops to buffer often and brings the window to the front every time, which interrupts what I’m working on.  I can just listen to the station straight from the browser, thankyouverymuch.  It’s a hog when it’s running, Apple assumes I have an iWhatever and tries to force apps down my throat every time I start up.  The only good thing with it was that I can download movies to watch on demand.  Oh, and it’s a pretty decent podcaster, but that can be handled with other, nicer software.

So I removed iTunes, but that pesky Bonjour remained to laugh at me, as if to say “you can’t leave Apple behind, we’re the silent Google!”.  Fun.  Thanks to the wonderful Interweb, here’s how I got rid of it once and for all:

How To Uninstall or Remove Bonjour mDNSResponder.exe

Hope this helps!

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If you need to track your mileage for work, here’s an easy tool for you

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Many small business owners and consultants spend time on the road in their personal vehicles traveling to clients and work sites.  We know those miles need to be tracked for tax purposes (money back from the IRS is a good thing), but it’s often a pain to do.  That’s where the TripBook comes into play.


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"Could not Open Install.Log File!" Problem Solved!!

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I recently installed some backup software for testing and decided to remove the ones I wasn’t interested in anymore.  My hard drive has had some corruption issues, which means I’m losing programs, but don’t know it until I try to start them and something fails.  This, I think, is what happened with today’s problem.


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Are your programs up to date?

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I often find myself installing software for a specific purpose (testing, maintenance, etc.) and not using it regularly, which means it’s probably outdated when I need to use it again.  Sometimes it’s a game that is still being developed (like Frets on Fire, a free, great Guitar Hero style game for your PC) that gets updates pretty often.  When I go to use it after a while, I have to take the time to update it to the latest release before I can use it, which is kind of a pain.

Fortunately, there are a couple of programs out there that minimize the hassle of updating software.  While they don’t automatically update the programs that are installed on your machine, they make it easier for you to do it when you have some free time.  Let’s take a look at a couple of them.


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Foxit PDF Preview Handler

Posted on September 27, 2008. Filed under: Software, Tech Tips |

I love the preview feature built in to Windows Vista and Outlook 2007, but have been frustrated that the only way to view PDF files within Outlook preview is with Adobe Acrobat.  Since I use Foxit PDF Reader, which is faster and smaller, I haven’t been able to use the preview feature.  Until now, that is.

Thanks to Tim Heuer, you can now use Foxit PDF Reader with Outlook’s preview feature.  He’s written an add-on that allows Vista users who use Foxit to preview PDF files within the Outlook 2007 Reading Pane.

For those of us who are still (or also) using Windows XP with Outlook 2007, good news!  Tim’s now created an add-on just for us.  You can read about it and download it from Tim’s blog.

Related links:

Foxit PDF Preview Handler (Vista)

Foxit PDF Preview Handler (XP)

Download Foxit PDF Reader

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Making Excel Charts Even Easier

Posted on August 31, 2008. Filed under: Main, Microsoft, Software, Tech Tips |

If you’re like me, you crunch numbers.  It may be sales, inventory, finances, or any number of things.  You probably use Microsoft Excel; maybe you even need a chart now and then but avoid it because it’s just a bit too crazy. 

If this describes you (even a little), check out the Chart Advisor from Office Labs.  These folks have been putting out some good Add-Ins that run within various Office programs.  This one evaluates your data, creates a chart, and automatically puts it in your spreadsheet.  I’ve tried it and am immensely impressed with it.

Here’s the official description:

Chart Advisor is a prototype that provides an alternate approach for creating charts in Excel 2007. This add-in uses an advanced rules engine to scan your data and, based on predefined rules, displays charts according to score. Top scoring charts are available for you to preview, tweak, and insert into your Excel worksheet.


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So what version is it?

Posted on July 18, 2008. Filed under: Internet, Main, Software, Tech support |

I recently upgraded to Firefox 3, and have been happy with it.  Today I found out that there has been an update issued, which puts it at version 3.0.1.  For some reason, firefoxversionafter the update, I was presented with this page (right) that says I’m “now running Firefox”, even though the About dialog box clearly shows 3.0.1. 

I’ve also noticed that the Add-ons site shows several add-ons that won’t work because I don’t have a high enough version installed.

Anyone else having problems with the “latest” version of Firefox?

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